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Pointe Classes begin Tonight!

I’m pleased to announce that pointe classes will begin tonight with Ms. Annie! The class is from 5-6pm and enrolling in this class is based on ballet experience and strength.

If you have done pointe in the past and are looking for a new class, this is for you!

Summer Session Starts TODAY!

Summer classes start TODAY at the studio! If you’re not registered yet, please don’t hesitate to just come to the classes you’re interested in and we can get you signed up then.

Also Zumba┬« tonight at 7:30! I want to see you there. It’s summer time and we all need a little extra confidence to get into that bathing suit and an hour of shakin’ it in the studio is just what you need! No excuses, just come!

Summer Session Starts Tomorrow!

I’m reminding you from backstage at a show I’m dancing in that Summer Session starts tomorrow! Don’t worry if you’re not registered. Just come to the class you’d like to take and we’ll get you signed up.

I can’t wait to see everyone this week!