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Creative Movement for Dancers ages 3-5

We had a really fun Creative Movement class this morning!  We started out our class getting to know each other and then did an improvisation about fish.

Do you know any potential dancers ages 3-5 who would like to join us? There are two opportunities to take this class, Thursdays from 4-4:45 and Saturday mornings from 11-11-45.
Come dance with us!

Happy August!!

Fall Registration is open and classes begin August 20. If you need to register for class, I’ll be at the studio today from 2-7pm to get you set up. You don’t want to miss out on our second year! We’re adding Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Tap classes taught by Ms. Jennifer Evans AND in addition to teaching our pointe class, Ms. Annie will be teaching some of our classes on Tuesday nights.

Once I figure out how to lay out a 2 studio schedule in a logical and aesthetically pleasing way I’ll have our updated Fall schedule available. For now you can come see my chicken scratch on a piece of yellow legal pad. 🙂

BIG Exciting Announcement!

Here’s the thing. Our enrollment is growing. We’re adding tap classes. Some of our classes are very large and will only fill up more. Our schedule is tight and a few of our classes are only offered at somewhat inconvenient times. We need more more room!

So, (drumroll please)….. We are moving forward with our plans of adding a second studio in our existing space! This second studio will be for our Tap classes, private lessons and classes with smaller enrollment. We will have the ability to run two classes simultaneously which means more flexibility and class options for you!

This was always our plan for this space. A large studio on the right and a smaller studio on the left when the time came to add on. Well, the time has come and it was MUCH sooner than we anticipated, which is a great problem to have! Keep an eye out for a new and updated schedule. I intend to stick to the current schedule as much as possible, but we’ll be able to add MORE classes for you and your dancers to take advantage of!

Now, who’s excited?!