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Company Camp Begins Tomorrow!

Company camp begins tomorrow, Monday July 30 and runs through Thursday August 2. We will be dancing from 10am til 2pm with a lunch break midday. Please remember that this is a *mandatory* camp. Exceptions will only be made if you have already discussed conflicts with me. We have a lot to do (like set 3 dances!) in a small amount of time. I need my dancers there!

Can’t wait to see you there!!

Last week of Summer Session is here!

Hope you’re having a great weekend! Tomorrow begins the last week of class for our Summer Session. After, that we have Dance Camp for dancers ages 3-12, Company Camp for our company dancers, and then we’ll miss you until classes begin August 20.

Zumba® classes will stay on their current schedule Mondays at 7:30, Wednesdays at 7 and Saturday mornings at 10am even during camps and the break before Fall classes begin. I’d love to see you in class!

We’ve had a great and exciting summer session so far and I can’t wait for Dance Camp, July 23-26.  If you haven’t registered, there’s still time, but you’ll have to hurry!  The 5-7 age group is getting pretty full!

Change to Dance Camp Schedule

Great classes last night after a week off! Next week will be the sixth and final week of our Six Week Summer Session. Next stop, DANCE CAMP! Make sure you’re registered when you’re at the studio this week!

One small change, camp will not be held on Friday, July 27. I intended it to be 4 day camp so that if people were leaving for a vacation or had other plans that Friday they wouldn’t have to miss the last day of camp, including me! My husband is a groomsman in a dear friend of ours’ wedding that Saturday and we have to leave to be present at the rehearsal dinner on Friday at around noon.

Dancing Through the Decades dance camp will be held Monday through Thursday, July 23-26. The times for the age groups will remain the same.

I’m so sorry for any confusion. I had always intended for this camp to be 4 days and I felt so silly when I saw that the 27th was a Friday. Please let me know if you are already registered and this change makes it so you are unable to attend. Any paid fees will be refunded with my sincerest apologies.