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Fall 2019 Classes Begin Aug 12!

It’s time to register for Fall 2019 classes if you haven’t already! Some of our classes are already at capacity and more are about to be full, so make sure sure you sign up and reserve your spot!!

Click the tab above that says “Schedule and Online Registration” and follow the link to register online via Studio Director. Friendly reminder, all students who have taken class with us previously have an account. It helps us keep accurate enrollment records and streamlines our database if we don’t have duplicate entries.

Email the studio if you have any difficulty at all registering for classes!

It’s time to register for DANCE CLASSES!

Hey everyone!

I hope everyone had a great first day back to school! We’ve had a great summer with summer session classes, lots of master classes (including one this weekend!), and a very successful dance camp for our Company dancers, but I’m excited to get back into our regular routine for Fall and Spring!

Fall Registration is OPEN!
It’s time to register for fall classes! Click the Schedule and Online Registration tab above and follow the link on that page to our online registration software to sign up.

Our Fall session begins on August 19. Classes with low enrollment may be cut from the schedule and some of our classes are filling up, so make sure to register soon for the classes your dancer loves! Register online or even just email me with the classes you’d like to sign up for and I’ll get you all set up!

August tuition will be half price and there’s a $25 registration fee due when you sign up (unless you took summer classes!) All fees are due on the first day of class!

Master Class Opportunity
Ms. Brynn is teaching an Intermediate/Advanced Modern Dance Master Class this Saturday 2:00-3:30. The fee is $10/dancer it is going to be FANTASTIC! Don’t miss this chance to take class from one of our talented instructors! This class is open to anyone and everyone who would like to take class, so if you have friends who dance at other studios, bring them along! The more the merrier!!

New Classes!
We are about to add a few new regular season classes to the schedule, but I want YOUR input on classes you want that we don’t already offer! Email me if you have ideas for classes you’d take that we don’t yet offer and I’ll see what we can do!

Keep an eye on our Facebook page or our Instagram account for more info about new classes coming soon!

I’m so excited to see everyone in the next couple weeks and get started on what I’m sure is going to be our best year yet!

Ms. Valerie

Summer Session Begins SATURDAY!

Enrollment for Summer Session is open! Classes begin this Saturday, June 3 and run through July 21 (closed the week of July 4).

Summer Session is a great time to try something new or just make sure you’re not losing skill over the summer. Don’t be disappointed when you come back to class in August and you’ve lost flexibility or strength! Dance with us over the summer and make progress instead of backtracking!

To register, just click the Schedule & Online Registration tab above and follow the link to our online registration software OR just email me and let me know what you’d like to take!

Classes offered will be based on enrollment and Summer Session is a separate enrollment from Spring. So even if you were in recital, you’ll need to register for summer. Classes that don’t meet minimum requirements will be cut from the schedule soon, so make sure you register right away for the classes you want to take!

Spring Classes are in Session!

We are getting back into the swing of things at RDS!

Our classes resumed January 18 and it’s not too late to join us and still participate in recital, but it will be SOON! Many of our classes still have room for new dancers, but a few are already filled to capacity. I’ll be ordering costumes during the first 2 weeks of February and if you’re not registered and measured, I can’t get you a costume!

Just a friendly reminder, but tuition for January is half price and now due and costume balances are due by February 1!

Don’t forget we’ve got $5 drop-in Barre classes with Shannon French on Mondays (6:45-7:30pm), Wednesdays (7:30-8:15pm), and Saturday mornings (10:30-11:15am).  A barre workout is a great way to prevent bone loss, enhance mobility, and strengthen and tone your body. It’s not a dance class, we hold onto the barre at times. We go barefoot. We don’t wear expensive workout clothing. We just want to be real, be healthy, and encourage each other. No experience needed! We would LOVE to have you! Barre is for EVERYbody!

2015 Spring Concert DVDs are Ready!

We are back at it full force tonight with dance classes and Barre class (6:45-7:30, $5, come join us!!) resuming after a nice Fall Break!

In other big news, 2015 SPRING CONCERT DVDs are ready to be picked up if you preordered and prepaid. If you preordered but haven’t yet paid OR your forgot to order and would like a copy, let me know! I’ll have them ready for you within the week! (Everyone who preordered should have received an email from me, too!)

We truly apologize for the delay!  If there was a roadblock in getting these things done, we hit it!  Regardless, they’re ready and $15 each!

Barre Classes at RDS

Join us for Barre classes Mondays and Wednesdays at 7:30pm, $5 per class.  Here’s a little info about the class from the instructor, Shannon French:
     First off, a barre class isn’t a type of dance class.  It is a series of low-impact movements, many of which are made safer by the use of something stable to hold on to, and what better thing to hold on to than a fixed ballet barre (in a pretty, spacious studio, no less)?  The first half of class consists of floor exercises.  We do some different types of crunches to work our abdominal muscles, and some different types of push-ups to strengthen our arms.  We always stretch and breathe deeply between working out muscle groups.  When we do stand up to the barre, it’s to do a series of squat-type movements or leg lifts, but don’t worry–we never put our legs on the barre or do splits or such.  We really just hold onto the barre for stability.  The workout concludes with some more mat exercises and gentle stretching.
     I do play music, but it is for ambient sound; we do not necessarily stay with a certain beat.  If I do 48 reps of a movement, but you want to aim for 24 slower reps, that’s OK; it’s your body and your workout.
     Barre class isn’t a fashion show or competition.  I just want people to be strong and healthy so that they can enjoy their lives and not be slaves to pain.  I think barre-type workouts are a great way to keep our core muscles strong, which in turn will help stabilize our spines and reduce back issues.  The benefit is worth the work.

RDS open tonight between 4-7pm for Registration!

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to remind everyone that dance classes begin this week, but not until Thursday.  This makes it so everyone has 2 weeks of class in August and August tuition is half price, plus the $25 annual registration fee.
I will be at the studio tonight and tomorrow between 4-7pm if you’d like to stop by to register, get sized for shoes, pick up recital pictures, or just say hello!
If you haven’t already registered, now is the time!  A few of our classes are getting quite full and some of our larger classes from last year are very small.  Either CLICK HERE to go to our online registration portal, email me with the classes your dancer would like to take, or swing by the studio tonight between 4-7pm and we will get you taken care of!
Let me know if you have any questions!  I can’t wait to see everyone in classes very soon!!
Ms. Valerie

Out with the Old, In with the New!

Okay! I have bad news and I have good news, but I’ll start with the bad news and (hopefully) get you excited about the good news next!

Bad news: Due to poor attendance, Zumba classes have been cut from the schedule.

GOOD NEWS!!: Barre classes taught by Shannon French will be offered in their place! Classes will be held Monday and Wednesday nights at 7:30pm. The classes are 45 minutes long and $5. No dance experience required! Bring a yoga mat, bring some water, bring yourself! You’re going to love it!

Classes begin Monday, August 22.

2016 Dance Camps Cancelled

In case anyone was planning on coming tomorrow to register, we’ve cancelled this year’s dance camps due to low enrollment. We’ll try again next year and see you when Fall classes resume on August 18!

Company Auditions Today at 1pm

There are no classes this morning at RDS, but COMPANY AUDITIONS are this afternoon at 1pm! Auditions will consist of a movement audition and parent meeting and there is a nonrefundable $25 audition fee due at the time of audition that will serve as your company dues for the year. They are open to any dancer ages 8 and up regardless of prior training or studio affiliation.  Company groups will be announced after the second audition opportunity on the 25th.

Hope to see you there!