Barre Classes at RDS

Join us for Barre classes Mondays and Wednesdays at 7:30pm, $5 per class.  Here’s a little info about the class from the instructor, Shannon French:
     First off, a barre class isn’t a type of dance class.  It is a series of low-impact movements, many of which are made safer by the use of something stable to hold on to, and what better thing to hold on to than a fixed ballet barre (in a pretty, spacious studio, no less)?  The first half of class consists of floor exercises.  We do some different types of crunches to work our abdominal muscles, and some different types of push-ups to strengthen our arms.  We always stretch and breathe deeply between working out muscle groups.  When we do stand up to the barre, it’s to do a series of squat-type movements or leg lifts, but don’t worry–we never put our legs on the barre or do splits or such.  We really just hold onto the barre for stability.  The workout concludes with some more mat exercises and gentle stretching.
     I do play music, but it is for ambient sound; we do not necessarily stay with a certain beat.  If I do 48 reps of a movement, but you want to aim for 24 slower reps, that’s OK; it’s your body and your workout.
     Barre class isn’t a fashion show or competition.  I just want people to be strong and healthy so that they can enjoy their lives and not be slaves to pain.  I think barre-type workouts are a great way to keep our core muscles strong, which in turn will help stabilize our spines and reduce back issues.  The benefit is worth the work.

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