Summer Session Begins TOMORROW!

I’m so excited to get back in the studio after such a successful recital and we much needed short break!

If you have been waiting to enroll, NOW IS THE TIME!! If your dancer wants to take any of the following classes, just email me and let me know what they want to take and I will get them signed up!

I need to let you know that the Monday 8-10 yr Jazz, 8-10yr Ballet, and Highland classes will be cancelled this evening unless we have dancers enroll this afternoon.

Tuesday Intermediate and Advanced classes will need to be consolidated unless we have a few more register. We have *almost* enough to support both classes happening for at least Ballet and Jazz, which would be great. Ideally, we’d split all of the classes, but Modern and Lyrical will be combined unless we get at least 3 dancers in each level. Hip Hop will be consolidated to one class since our wonderful Ms. Katey took a fantastic job traveling and we are looking for a new hip hop instructor.

Wednesday Pointe will need to be cancelled unless we have a few register. The Conditioning/Leaps and Tricks class is ON! This should be a good one and there’s room for more! Adult Open Level Ballet is very close to happening, so if you have ever been interested, now is the time to try!

Thursdays we need a couple more dancers for the Beginner/Intermediate Tap. Intermediate/Advanced Tap will mostly likely be cancelled. Creative Movement, Intro to Ballet/Jazz, and Wee Tap are all happening, but there is still room if you’re interested!

Saturday Morning classes need you! Creative Movement and Musical Theater definitely need more dancers or they will be cut.

Again, if you want to register, all you have to do is email me with the classes your dancer wants to take and I will get you signed up! I need to be able to contact the dancers who are currently registered for classes that will need to be cut at least the night before their class so they don’t show up excited for a class that isn’t going to happen.

If we have discussed registration in person, but you’re not on the online roster, I’m assuming you have changed your mind about coming to class. Please make sure you’re registered!

I hope to see you this week!!

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