2014 Recital Pictures at RDS, Thursday May 8

Recital photos will be taken at the studio next Thursday, May 8 beginning at 5pm.  Below is a schedule for approximately when each group will have their photo taken.  Please be ready to have pictures taken 5-10 minutes prior to the time listed below.  You may leave after your group is done.

Dancers need to be in full costume (including tights and shoes), wearing makeup, and have their hair back in a neat bun.  Please refer to the recital email I sent out Monday for costumes specifics.

Photoplay does our pictures each year and they take individual and group shots for each group.  If you are not interested in purchasing an individual shot of your dancer, please do still attend as I like to have everyone in the group pictures.
For individual photos, Neil (the photographer) will take a handful of pictures and then the parent decides at that time which picture they like best from a computer screen attached to his camera.  
When they are ready, pictures will be available for pick up at the studio.  I’ll send out an email, post on Facebook, and post on the website.
This is roughly the show order, but I have moved a couple things around.  Soloists will take pictures in between groups or at the end.  Please be ready to have your pictures taken 5-10 minutes ahead of your scheduled time.  I’d like to try to stay on schedule or even get ahead if possible.  This probably goes without saying, but if you’re only purchasing a group, there’s no need to take individual pictures.  As you will see, there are TIGHT time slots 
Parents with multiple dancers in the show may opt to take “sister pictures” instead of individuals.  🙂  These always turn out cute.
5:00 – Tuesday10&up Hip Hop
5:10 – Creative Movement – WHITE TIGHTS!  The bags say tan but they are WRONG!  White footless tights.  I found them at Target today for pretty cheap.  Definitely cheaper than the tan tights you’d have to buy otherwise.
5:25 – Monday 8-10yr hip hop
5:35 – Tuesday 10&up Lyrical
5:45 – Adult Ballet
5:50 – Monday 8-10 Ballet 
6:05 – Thursday Leaps & Tricks
6:10 – Monday & Thursday – Ballet/Jazz Combo class – Group photos in Jazz costume, Individuals can be your choice 
6:30 – Thursday Advanced Tap
6:35 – Tuesday 10-12yr Jazz
6:50 – Senior Company
7:00 – Pointe
7:10 – Tuesday 10-12yr Ballet
7:25 – Tuesday Modern
7:35 – Junior Company
7:45 – Tuesday 13& up Ballet
8:00 – Wednesday Adult Modern
8:05 – Monday 8-10yr Jazz
8:20 – Monday Beginning Tap
8:30 – Tuesday 13&up Jazz
8:40 – Thursday Intermediate Tap
8:50 – Monday Adult Tap
8:55 – All Company – Hey Hey
Let me know if you have any questions!  Thank you thank you thank you for your patience and help!  It’s about to get a little crazy and a lot of fun in the next few weeks! 

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