Concert Detail Clarification

Hi everyone!

I’ve gotten a few emails needing some clarification on the recital details I sent out yesterday.  Thanks to those of you who asked!  I’m sure others have the same questions!
Stage Makeup
The distance from the audience and the stage lights wash out a dancer’s facial features, so stage makeup is applied just like regular makeup only a little heavier.  Creative Movement dancers do not need to wear mascara, but they do need eyeshadow, blush, lipstick, and maybe some eyeliner if you can swing it.  I want you to be able to see their smiling faces!
If your dancer has short hair, let me look at it the next time you’re at the studio and we’ll decide what’s best for recital.  It needs to be back as much as possible.  If you’re worried about doing a bun, see me.  I’ll give you a quick bun lesson.  It’s easier than you think.
Pictures and Dress Rehearsal
Pictures and Dress Rehearsal will both take place at the studio on May 17.  Dress Rehearsal is run in the order of the show.  Many of our dancers have quick changes and need to practice running the show exactly as it will happen at the show.  Dancers are encouraged to stay and watch the other classes (this may be their only chance to see them), but are free to go after they are done dancing.  At the recital, all dancers will stay backstage until the end of the show when they will come out for final bows.  Right now, I have the All-Company dance opening the show and Creative Movement going second.
Day of the Recital
Please arrive with hair and makeup done!  That said, make sure you have makeup and extra hair things for any touchups that may need to happen right before they go backstage.  You may come in costume if you wish, but err on the side of keeping costumes neat and clean until they go on stage.
Please no food or drink backstage.  Dancers who are in 3 or more dances may have water backstage to stay hydrated, but the show is short and we don’t need to have lots of crazy snacks and beverages going on.  Chugging water backstage leads to lots of bathroom trips and it’s inconvenient for dancers to need to use the restroom right before they run out on stage.  Please make sure your dancer uses the bathroom before they go backstage.
Thanks again to those of you who asked questions and don’t hesitate to email me any more you may have!

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