2013 Spring Concert Info

Here it is!  Your go-to guide for our Spring Concert! You might want to flag, star, or favorite this post so that it’s easy to find as we go through the next month and a half of recital prep.  (Parents, you should have received this as an email as well.  If you did not, please email me and I’ll make sure I have your email address in my Parents group so you get all of the information you need in the future.)
Just a quick reminder: please make sure that unless your dancer is sick, they are in class and on time until the end of the year.  We make changes to the dances every week and when dancers are missing or late is slows us down.  As silly as it may sound, please check the schedule and make sure you know what time classes begin and err on the side of being a little early.  I know that we’re human and things like sickness and traffic jams happen, but we’ve had a lot of dancers missing and late to class recently.  I don’t want our recital dances to suffer!
Back to recital info!  If you have any questions that I don’t address in this email please let me know!
Recital will be held at South Doyle Middle School at 1pm on May 18.  Dancers need to arrive at the theater no later than noon on the day of the show.  I will have a cast list and check off dancers as they arrive.  We may need to run of the dances on stage before the show, so please be there on time!
How the Spring Concert Runs
Our Spring Concert is just as much a celebration of the work the dancers put in at the studio as it is the work and time you as parents put in getting them to class on time, dressed in the right clothes with their hair just so.  Often parents are required to change their dancer’s costumes, spend the show dashing from the audience to backstage, and end up missing their dancer’s performance.   For that reason, I ask that parents enjoy the show from auditorium.  Ms. Annie, Ms. Jen, and I will all be backstage staffing the show in addition to any of my dance friends I can rope in to help with costume and shoe changes.  Hair will stay the same and only shoes and costumes will change.  This also allows the dancers to be a little more independent and manage their own backstage time.  Rest assured that your dancers will be safe and happy backstage!

Dress Rehearsal and Pictures

We are scheduled to have pictures before dress rehearsal on at 6pm.  Even if you are not interested in ordering pictures, please attend.  They will take individual pictures and group pictures in full costume and makeup.  Photoplay makes a composite for us for each year and last year’s has everyone who danced in recital in it!  I’d love to have everyone in the pictures again.  Please do remember that we have twice as many dancers this year and we will need to be efficient with this process.  I’ll have a schedule for the order of pictures coming soon.
We only have the auditorium reserved for Saturday so mandatory Dress Rehearsal will be held Friday, May 17 at RDS at 7:30pm.  It is incredibly important that ALL DANCERS attend dress rehearsal. Dress rehearsal is our practice run for the big day so dancers must be in FULL COSTUME and MAKEUP.  This is our one chance to make sure that straps are the right length, hair isn’t going to fall down, and see how long it takes for quick changes.
I know having pictures and dress rehearsal on the same night makes for a long evening at the studio, but this keeps us from using valuable class rehearsal time or Saturday family time for pictures.
All dancers are required to wear stage makeup.  The purpose of stage makeup is to make the facial features of the dancer visible to the audience.  From a distance, eyes and lips can appear small or even disappear when on stage. Dancers need to wear neutral colored eyeshadow such as brown and mauve tones (no blue or light purple, please), blush (either brown or pink), eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick (a shade that flatters their skin). Younger dancers (7 and under) may forego the eyeliner.  Glitter is acceptable in small amounts. (Because being sparkly is fun.)
All dancers will have their hair in a low bun.  There’s little opportunity to take hair down, put it up, take it down, etc in addition to the already quick changes many of our dancers will have.  So even our hip hoppers need to have a bun for uniformity.  To make your bun, you need a ponytail holder, hair pins, bobby pins, and a hairnet that matches your hair color fairly closely.  Start with a low ponytail, twist the ponytail clockwise, then wrap the ponytail around the base clockwise.  Pin with hairpins until secure, wrap the hair net around the bun, and secure hairnet with bobby pins.  If you need hair help, please don’t hesitate to ask.  I’m a bun master after years of modern dance and I can teach you how.  PLEASE make sure that you know how to do a bun before dress rehearsal and the concert because I’m going to be running around crazy and may not have time to do your dancer’s hair.  
Dancers MUST have the appropriate shoes for the dances they are in: pink ballet slippers, tan jazz shoes, bare feet or dance paws (foot undies) for lyrical, bare feet for modern.  Hip hop dancers need to have black, low-top Converse sneakers.  The ones you can buy at Target with the white star on the side (Converse One Star) are perfectly acceptable, as are the often more expensive Converse with no star (strangely called Converse All Stars despite their complete lack of stars.)  Target usually sells these for around $30, but you can also find them at Kohls, Journeys, Shoe Carnival, etc.  I’m all about getting the best deal on these.  Keep in mind that these are to be DANCE SHOES ONLY as no street shoes are allowed in the studio.  Please do not wear these to school and then to dance.
Here’s the break down of items your dancer will need in addition to their costume and any special requests.  All hair pieces will go to the right of the dancers bun.
Monday Classes
-Monday Hip Hop – All costume pieces (minus the hat) and Black Converse tennis shoes with no-show white or black socks.  
-Monday Jazz – Black and turquoise dress with Tan jazz shoes, tan tights; Shane – Black top, black pants, and black jazz shoes(I’m working on a way to tie the turquoise in the dresses into his costume)
-Monday Ballet – Silver dresses with necklaces, but **no hair comb**, ballet pink tights, pink ballet shoes; Shane – Silver top, black pants, black ballet shoes
-Monday Modern – Your costume (minus the hat) and bare feet!
Tuesday Classes
-10-12yr Hip Hop – Black cargo pants, silver tanks, black tanks with sequins over top, Black Converse with no-show white or black socks
-Teen Hip Hop- Black cargo pants, hooded tank, Black Converse with no-show or black socks – **these dancers also need a long sleeved, form fitting black t-shirt to wear under their hooded tanks**
-10-12 Jazz – Black and gold dresses with tan tights and tan jazz shoes
-Teen Jazz – Black and sequin dresses with tan tights, tan jazz shoes, and hat 
-10-12 Ballet – Green dresses with ballet pink tights and pink ballet shoes
-Teen Ballet – Pink and red dresses with ballet pink tights and pink ballet shoes
-10 and up Lyrical – Light blue dresses with footless tan tights
-10 and up Modern – Green tanks with black slashed shirts on top, black dance leggings (Make sure they’re not see-through. Stage lights are much more harsh and older/cheaper leggings may be see-through on stage)
Wednesday Classes
-Pointe – Dresses with pink ballet tights and pointe shoes (any additional makeup for this dance will be addressed closer to recital)
-Special Needs – Costume with whatever fancy shoes Ashley wants to rock 🙂
Thursday Classes
-Creative Movement – Zebra and magenta dresses with gloves with black footless tights and bare feet
-5-7yr Ballet/Jazz – For Ballet: Dress with **no bun cover**, tan tights and pink ballet shoes.  For Jazz: Dress with vest and sparkly skirt overlay and arm warmers, **no headband**, tan tights and tan jazz shoes
-Company Dances: We won’t wear our competition jewelry at recital due to quick changes and the possibility that they might get lost in the shuffle.
She’s No Good – Blue dresses with tan tights and tan ballet shoes
Moon Trance – Silver dresses with tan tights and tan jazz shoes
Bug Hunt – Tan flight suits with black tanks underneath and tan jazz shoes
-Adult Modern – TBD.  We’re going to do something awesome though.  🙂
-Advanced Tap – Grey dresses, tan tights with tan jazz shoes
Saturday Morning Classes
-Creative Movement – Zebra and magenta dresses with gloves with black footless tights and bare feet
**Please make sure all tights are free of holes, shoes are clean and fresh looking, and leotards, pants, etc are in good condition.**
If I make any changes to these costume requirements I will let you know immediately.  You may order shoes or tights from me at the studio or purchase them at the local dance shops (Dancers Den or Dancer’s Shoppe)
Names in the Program
I will use the name and spelling on dancers’ registration sheets for the program listings.  I will have a print out of the cast with everyone’s name spelled the way I think it’s supposed to be at the studio the next few weeks.  Please check with me to make sure I have the correct spelling and name (in cases where someone goes by a middle name or nickname) to prevent any crazy program listings.
Summer Info
Our 6-week Summer Session will run from June 3-July 20 (no classes the week of July 4).  Summer session is not mandatory, but highly encouraged, and I’m working on the summer schedule.  Dancers lose a lot of technique when they don’t train regularly and summer is no exception.  Also keep in mind that summer is a great time to dip your toe in the pool and try out new classes.  Does your ballerina want to try Hip Hop?  Does your Jazzy Diva want to try out some tap?  I’m looking to add some more classes over the summer, so if there’s something you’re interested in taking, please let me know!  
I’ll let you know more info about week long camps as soon as I finalize the details and I’m hoping to have some Saturday Workshops over the summer as well!  There are a lot of talented dancers and teachers in Knoxville and the surrounding areas and I want to bring them to RDS to share their knowledge.  Please let me know if you have any workshop requests, too!
Zumba® classes will continue on our regular schedule (Monday and Wednesday at 7:30pm, and Saturday at 10am) throughout the summer, with the exception of the week of July 4.  If you haven’t tried a class yet, you should!  Your first class is free and after that, individual classes are $6.  No dance experience is necessary!  I’ll teach you everything you need to know in the hour that you’re there.  
Congratulations!  You made it through all the information!  I know it was quite a lot.  It took a loooong time to write!  
We will NOT be allowed to sell DVDs, T-shirts, or concessions at the recital so I will have DVD preorder information coming your way soon.
Thanks for all of the time and energy you devote to your dancers!  Ms. Annie, Ms. Jen, and I greatly appreciate your allowing us to teach your children!
Ms. Valerie

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  1. Brelan is interested in starting back in dance. Could I get some info on Summer classes.
    She will be 8 in June.
    Thank you:)

    • I am working on getting our Summer Schedule out to everyone this weekend. The classes for her age group meet on Mondays. I’ll post the schedule on here just as soon as it’s finalized. Thanks for getting in touch!

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