Parent Observation Nights and End of Semester Info

Hey Parents and Dancers!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and you’ve settled back into regular schedules for a couple of weeks!

Parent Observation Nights
As your dancers may have mentioned, we’re starting this week working on dances to show you all on Parent Observation nights. Parent Nights are going to be held Dec. 15-20. The last 30 minutes of each class will be devoted to showing what you what we have learned since August! (Saturday Creative Movement parents, please note that we will have our Observation day on Saturday, Dec. 15.)

The only exception will be Tuesday night’s classes. As we have a lot of dancers that are at the studio for most of the evening, it seemed unfair to try to have parents around for the whole night. So on Tuesday, we will be turning the second studio into a theater and doing a small performance beginning at 6:30pm. Please try to have your dancers at the studio by 6 so that they can get settled in and prepare.

Please let me know as soon as possible if your dancer will be missing on Parent Night!

Winter Holidays
After Parent Observation nights, we will be closed from December 21 until January 14. December tuition will be the full amount. January will only be half as we are starting midway through the month.

Soon after we return from Christmas break, we will begin planning for recital, which will include payments for costumes and recital fees. This year’s recital fee will be $25 per participating dancer and will go to cover the costs of renting a theater and producing the show. Recital fees mean that we will not have to charge for tickets to come see the show! However, the fee does not include the price of the costumes. Costumes will be $60 for each class this year as we are going to order from costume companies rather than trying to piece costumes together locally. Stay tuned for more info on breaking costume fees down into smaller payments, rather than just one lump sum.

Thank you for sending your dancer(s) to our studio and we look forward to seeing you Dec 17-20!

Ms. Valerie

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