August Newsletter & Important Updates!

Hey Parents and Dancers!

Classes are back in full swing at RDS, so I figured now would be a good time to send out our first newsletter!  It’s not too late to enroll for classes, so please make sure to spread the word about our studio and encourage friends and family members to come dance with us!
New Instructors and Tap Age Requirement Change
As most of you know, I’ve hired two instructors to teach this year.  Ms. Annie will be teaching our 13 and up classes on Tuesday nights as well as our Pointe and Adult Ballet classes on Wednesdays.  Ms. Jennifer will be teaching tap classes on Thursday nights.  Which brings me to my next point:
Previously I had said only dancers age 8 and up were allowed to participate in Tap classes.  I feel it’s very important for dancers under that age to be enrolled in Ballet/Jazz or Creative Movement.  After talking to Ms. Jennifer and thinking it over, we are lowering the minimum age for Tap enrollment to 5 years old.  Dancers 5-8 years may take Tap class, but must also be enrolled in either Creative Movement or Ballet/Jazz.  No experience is required and the beginning tap class is conveniently scheduled immediately after Ballet/Jazz, so dancers will not have to come on multiple nights.  Please let me know if you are interested in adding Tap.  Ms. Jennifer is a GREAT teacher and we want her classes to be FULL!
Dress Code and Hair Reminder
As those of you who have taken classes at RDS before already know, I am very strict about adhering to our dress code that can be found on our Policies sheet.  Our dress code is fairly lenient in comparison to many studios in that I don’t mind if the dancers wear fun colors or patterns, as long as they are dressed in dancewear appropriate for their class.  I understand that it takes time to gather the necessary items and the first couple weeks of class I am not as strict.  However, after this week, all dancers must be dressed appropriately for class.  
School clothes or play clothes are not considered dance clothing and should not be worn to class.  The only exception to this rule might be Hip Hop class as it has the least strict requirements.  All dancers wearing leotards or shorts must wear tights or leggings.  Soffe shorts or running shorts must always have tights underneath.
Dancers should also make sure to come to class with their hair back and out of their face every class.  I do have hair ties at the studio in the event of an emergency, but pulling hair back is the responsibility of the dancer or their parent.
Again, I am more lenient the first couple of classes, but after that I expect all dancers to be dressed appropriately for class.  I tell dancers on the first day of class, just like soccer or cheerleading or swimming, you have to be dressed for the activity when it comes to dance class.
Bring a Friend Week!
Somehow September is almost here and it’s almost time for Bring a Friend Week!  On this week, dancers are encouraged to bring a friend (or two!) to class to show them what dance class is all about.  These classes are always very fun for our dancers and a great way to boost our enrollment!  I am tentatively planning Bring a Friend Week for September 17-21.  This isn’t final yet, but I wanted to give everyone a heads up.  I’ll send dancers home with information closer to time.  
Making Up Missed Classes
If your dancer is sick or unable to attend class, they are encouraged to make up the classes they miss.  Please check with me about which class would be best for your dancer to attend to make up.  
No Class on Monday, Sept 3 – Labor Day
I think I told everyone in class yesterday, but just in case I missed you: there will be no dance classes on Monday, September 3 as it is Labor Day.  Tuition for the month of September will still be the same amount for those who participate in Monday night classes.  Some months end up having 5 weeks and other classes are cancelled for holidays, so it all comes out in the wash.  
Last but certainly not least:
Credit Card Payments and Fees
I am now able to accept Credit Card payments for tuition, dancewear, and other studio expenses!  I’m very excited about this addition as I know many of you, like me pay for everything via credit or debit card.  I just got a Square reader to run cards and it is really cool!  The only down side is that Square charges me a fee each time I run a card.  I feel that our tuition is very reasonably priced and I strive to stay competitive with other studios when it comes to the amount you pay monthly.  In an attempt to keep that cost low for our parents, I am adding a Convenience Fee for each credit card transaction.  Payments under $140 will have a $3 fee added.  Payments $141 and over will pay a 3% transaction fee.  My husband Jonathan and I sat down with the calculator to find the most reasonable fee to charge for these transactions.  Please know that this fee is NOT and attempt to sneak extra money from you, but merely a way to keep our tuition low.
Thanks again for trusting us with your dancer’s (or dancers’) training and as always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!
Ms. Valerie

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