May Update!

Wow! That Spring Concert really knocked my socks off.  Thanks for the millionth time to all of my dancers and their families.  You all are AMAZING and I’m so fortunate to have you as my dance family!

There was a typo in the program for the Spring Concert. Our Six Week Summer Session begins June 4 and runs through July 20, with no classes the week of July 4. We’ll have an Open House and Registration Saturday June 2 from 11-2.  I’m working on our Fall Schedule right now, so you might even be able to register for Fall/Spring on June 2. (Get ready for Tap!)

Summer Session is a great time to try out new classes since it’s only 6 weeks. Think you’re more of a ballerina but might be interested in dipping your toe in the HipHop pool? Summer Session is for you!!!  Think you’re more of a Linebacker than a Contemporary Dancer? Summer Session!  It’s only 6 lessons per class, there’s very little commitment.  Contact me for more info! 

One last thing, we will have another company meeting/audition now that I’ve gotten some feedback from parents. I’ll keep you posted as to when that will be.  I’m trying to work Company Classes into the Fall Schedule on a weeknight so we won’t have weekend conflicts.  I’m also thinking of having a Junior Company and a Senior Company rather than a Jazz Company and a HipHop Company.  We might do multiple dances for each company and that way we’re not limited to one genre.  Let me know what you think!!

I hope to see you all dancing soon!


Ms. Valerie

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