Zumba this Saturday (9/24) at 10am!

Day one of cleaning is in the books!  It’s looking so much better already.  Because it’s looking so good and I’m so excited to show everyone the space, we’re going to have a FREE FREE FREE Zumba class this Saturday.

Here are the details:

Free Zumba Class with Valerie at 10am on Saturday (9/24) at Riversong Dance Studio, 6518 Chapman Highway.  We’re in the Chapman Ford Crossing shopping center where The Rush is and to the right of I Love NY Pizza in case we don’t have a temporary sign in the window yet.

We won’t have the hardwood or the mirrors yet, but the ladies who have taken my classes at Curves know that we can still make it happen on carpet!

Bring your friends and remember my two rules for Zumba classes:

You have to have fun and you have to get sweaty.  Everything else is optional.  🙂

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  1. Val…it was fun to get back at it today….it’s going to be a really nice space when you get it done!! Thanks!!

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